The direct relationship between shopping and talking in German

Online Shopping

This year I had planned to try to buy other products online, not only electronics.  I bought clothes at and medicine/cosmetics at They were quick and I always had control: I knew what was going on from the time I paid to the time the products arrived.

All went well until I tried to buy at the I love the their products, they are good and the price is fair, but shopping online was a disaster: the user has no control over anything. There's no way to change or cancel the process. After I made a purchase through the website I only received an email with the list of products that I bought in the next day. You can not  view the purchase details on the website, after a day you can see information about the package, the total price and that's it. At least, everything is delivered as expected. Although I think I had more advertising paper than product in the package.

Purchases by phone

In one of the purchases that I made I got a gift voucher, a product that I could choose from the website but could only buy by phone. So I was quite happy to make the purchase over the phone and for a change, no one spoke English. For the first time I faced the conversation without saying " I do not speak German. Bye .". The end result was about 15 minutes talking on the phone in German. Ok,  I did not need to talk much, but I could understand what she said and answer it accordingly. I even managed to give my cell phone number in German, which I think it is super hard to say even in English, because I always need to think first in Brazilian Portuguese when I'm going to say the numbers!

Anyway, the package came with the same amount of advertising and useless papers as the package before. They should have known that I made a purchase just a few days before, so I didn't need all that advertising papers again! At least, the Yves Rocher stores always smell super good and the staff are always friendly and patient even when I am trying to kill the German language. Next time, I will just go to the store: easier and nicer  :)

Second hand stores

Berlin, as far as I know, is famous for  the second hand stores. It took me some time to get into one, but now I find difficult to want to shop elsewhere.  And do not buy in large department stores is part of my New Year's resolutions (ok , I did not accomplish this when I bought at the, some changes happens slowly...) .

Why buy in second hand stores?

"At the most basic level, when you buy from a local designer or from a local boutique more money stays in the community. According to, “Several studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses — continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community.”


"There are 27 to 30 million slaves in the world today. Yes, slaves.
Have you ever wondered how companies like Zara and Forever 21 can sell t-shirts for five dollars?"

"Huge progress can be made by consumers purchasing second-hand. It is imperative that we start making use of the resources already available to us instead of buying new clothing."

"Not only are the price tags competitive with the fast fashion giants, but many of the garments appear to be practically new. It’s a win-win for your wallet and for the planet."


Today, I decided to buy at a second hand store, close to my place, and again I had the chance to practice German. The sales lady, perhaps the shop owner, was super friendly and asked if I was happy with my purchases, she was really sweet. I had that feeling of a small town, where everyone knows everyone, you know?

Another way to buy second hand clothes is using They have app for Android and for iPhone. Through the website or the app, you can sell, buy, trade or even give away products. The same goes for I already used the Shpock app to sell and I did buy using the KleiderKreisel app. It all works fine.

Auf Wiedersehen!