People power

I am bit tired of all this "girl power" thing. The Spice Girls don't even exist anymore. Maybe it is time to stop to give so much emphasis to "We are Girls" and it is time to talk more about "We are people". I am not saying here that there are no discrimination and there are no problems, but I think the message that there is a problem and why it happens is already there and more than well explained. I don't think repetition is gonna make anyone else understand it more. Who got the message, got the message.

Low self esteem, sexual harassment, violence happens to people. The message now should be more toward actions to help everyone. I think. Maybe I feel like that because I am hearing the same discourse for more than 10 years now.

The discourse now should be more about how to love yourself more, how to be more positive about things you do, how parents can raise their kids to respect everyone and so on.

And also, please, stop attacking your own group. "They" say this is psychological: it is easier to criticise who/what is closer (in all aspects) to you than to criticise something far different from you. For example: it is easier for the KDE group to attack/criticise Gnome than to criticise/attack Microsoft. I see things like that between women. It is sad actually.

I really believe (ok, maybe I am too naive...) everybody is trying to help somehow. Nobody here is working for the Devil. Sure, you can criticise, but there are ways and ways of doing that. Stop working against your own cause.

In short, let's talk more about people rights and equality, everybody already know we are girls. If you don't like something about a certain group that is trying to help a cause you also believe in, then help to improve it, to change it to something better, don't attack it.

And btw, tomorrow I am going to work as a coach on a Rails Girls Berlin event. :)