Beauty Recovery Room

Beauty Recovery Room

The artist Ji Yeo made a interesting series of pictures:

Beauty Recovery Room series uses the wounded faces and bodies of women who have recently undergone plastic surgery to show the physical cost of adhering to social pressure in Korea. Plastic surgery has become an integral part of Korea’s current culture...

The latest raw data compiled from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2010, confirms that South Korea is indeed the country with the world’s highest per capita rate of cosmetic plastic surgery. It is a culture where men are judged on their financial balance sheet and women by their beauty. The male-dominated media endlessly reinforces its model of the ideal woman.  As a result of these cultural forces Korea has become a beauty-oriented society where people are judged more for their appearance than their character.

You can see the pictures in her website:

Beauty Recovery Room

Think a little bit more

I believe there is a thin line between having a health/normal worry about how you look to be obsessed to the point to submit your body to such rude violence. We so need to be careful.

Why you would do that to yourself? Are you sure this is gonna change how you see yourself?

The problem is definitely all IN our head.