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Sep 29, 2010 | #planetkde-camila #kde #quanta

On the fly Preview on Quanta (also, my first real code for KDE)

Since I begin to use KDE, my big desire It was to contribut with code, but I would have to study different things  (indeed that was what I wanted the most: a challenge), and I admit that I thought many times that I would never be able to do it.  So I decided to make talks about "KDE for Beginners" (beginners like I was), It was a quickly way to promote and contribut to FOSS, more quickly than to develop.

I made one talk before Akademy, in the Seminar of Free Software Tchelinux at Caxias do Sul, and after, I made two talks, one at International Free Software Forum and the other happened in the 4th Seminar of Free Software Tchelinux at Pelotas. In these talks I met more KDE users, and who knows coming soon contributors as well.

You can see pictures here.

But still my desire wasn't fullfill, I wanted to code, and not just to promote, so I talked to Millian at Akademy, I started to study more and dig into the documentation, C ++ and Qt to develop a plugin for Live previewing webpages in Quanta. You can see It in action in the following video:

(any suggestion for the page preview plugin, or bug report would be great – I’ve already found some bugs and I have ideas how to fix and make it better)

Now I look the code and think "It was just it? These few lines of code? Why was I so afraid to don't get it done?" That's the reason I am writing here, to say: anyone can do it. All that errors in terminal are not Matrix. And the sensation after you got is very good :-)

And for me, this feeling is very similar to what I feel after a talk, I could describe it as "I did what I should done" , 'cause I don't like to talk (indeed I still fell shy even to ask something on irc), but it is important. If you Know something good, you have to let the people know it. The FOSS is more than code (but still  prefer this part). It is very important to get more people involved.

Well, I wanna develop more (and quicker) and I will try to make others talks.  And I still have to choose something to develop for my conclusion work of faculty and of course I will do it for KDE!