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Jul 21, 2010 | #Personal/Pessoal #Programming #c-sharp #microsoft #sharepoint


At last week I've started to study SharePoint...I mean...they told me (my boss) that I had to start to develop a new website using SharePoint. So, I had no choice.

OK. What am I gonna do? I really don't like of this kind of framework, that limits what you can do with your code. And that's sad. I don't wanna be a specialist in dragging components.

But I had to change my mind, SharePoint is not so bad. ( the people have been said that SharePoint is going to be worst in version 2010 )

You have how to develop your own code (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and after integrate with the SharePOint Components or WebParts, and this is very good 'cause the original (the code that is generated by SharePoint) code is a mess (many tables).

Well...but I don't recommend share this freedom with the end user.

You have to teach the user how to use correctly the system, that's very important for you don't have problems in some point in the future. I saw that you can control what the user can do in the system, but not everything can to be under control. (I will read more about that).

That's my opinion for a while .

You can find many tutorials on web, including some interesting videos:


Good luck!