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Jul 26, 2010 | #Nerdices #Nonsense #Programming #qt #qt4 #qt4dance #widgets

Do the QT 4 Dance

Conheci dois vídeos de divulgação do QT  que o pessoal do stand (do Qt) usou durante o FISL 11:

Qt 4 Dance


Qt is a library that is easy to use
And it will run on any platform you choose
Double-plus C has never been so benign
Fellow programmers, let's all get into line

... and do the Qt 4 dance

First there was Linux and then there was Mac
Now we put Windows on the OpenSource track
Don't let the platform decide where you go
Put on our suit and just go with the flow

... and do the Qt 4 dance

(sim, a música ficou na cabeça o final de semana todo)

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