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Jan 23, 2012 | #KDE #planet-fosswomen #planetkde-camila #Release Party

KDE Release Party @Berlin, now With Food™

Jos and I are finishing our new house and we would like to invite you to a KDE 4.8 Release + Housewarming Party incl Food™ in our brand new place in Berlin :D

Date: Next Saturday, day 28 of January.
Time: Start at 17h.
Where: Eldenaer Straße 28A, an easy walk away from S/U-bahn station Frankfurther Alee:

And for those who prefer it a Google maps link.

Who can come: anyone who can claim a passing relationship to either KDE, openSUSE, Jos or me is more than welcome. Having read this blog counts...
What to bring: We'd appreciate it if you bring a happy disposition as well as as well as something to drink and possibly snack.
What will happen:

  • First, we'll welcome-hug you. Sorry, but there's no way around it.
  • Second, you'll get fed. Jos will unleash his cooking mania in the kitchen. Be aware: some of you will be put to work, either cooking or cleaning. The food will be vegan. Probably curry-like but no promises.
  • The plan is to then all indulge ourselves on a variety of liquids - depends on what you bring, but we'll have some real Brazilian caipirinha too. If you don't want to carry anything, there's a Lidl on the other side of the street and a 24h shop downstairs ;-)

What to do to be there: comment below and/or sign up on the release party page. And put it in your agenda...